Incisionless Mole RemovalTM

5-7 minutes per area Minimal discomfort – No downtime

After an evaluation by a doctor, if your mole is a candidate for an Incisionless Mole RemovalTM, you can discuss the details of the procedure and scheduling possibilities with the doctor. Most of the time, the procedure can be performed on the same day.The Incisionless Mole RemovalTM was developed at the Vanish center by Dr. John Amato. Used for moles and similar types of lesions, this procedure is performed in the office with just a small amount of numbing medication. The area is removed layer by layer using a special radiofrequency technology. The technology allows the radiofrequency to be extremely precise without generating heat. Lasers and other removal techniques may transmit unnecessary heat to the tissues which may result in unnecessary scarring of the area. The procedure takes 3–5 minutes per area with minimal discomfort and no downtime. This technique has led to safe and predictable outcomes with remarkable aesthetic results for hundreds of patients.

Precision ShaveTM

8-10 minutes per area – Minimal discomfort – No downtime

If the mole does not qualify for an Incisionless Mole Removal, a Precision Shave may be recommended. The Precision Shave Technique TM is performed in the office with just a small amount of numbing medication.  The visible portion of the mole is removed using a series of micro surgical instruments.  This technique and specialized instruments allow for a much more precise removal than a traditional “shave biopsy” procedure. Once the visible portion of the lesion is removed, additional tissue in the area is removed and the area is smoothed out and faded into the surrounding skin using a specialized radiofrequency device. This device functions similarly to a laser or electrosurgical unit, except that it is much more precise. Unlike the laser and electrosurgical unit, the radiofrequency tip is cool not hot. This precision, cool tip allows for more precise removal with minimal damage to the surrounding normal skin. This results in less scarring. The removed area is sent for evaluation by a pathologist under a microscope. The procedure takes 8-10 minutes per area with minimal discomfort and no downtime.   

After a Precision Shave procedure is performed, the resulting area will look like a scrape or burn, similar in size to the mole that was removed.  The area will heal on its own, similarly to any scrape or burn.  The healing process takes approximately 7-10 days


Surgical excision is used for larger areas, deep lesions (cysts), and areas that require complete evaluation under the microscope. An excision may be performed in the office or in an operating room, depending on the size and complexity of the area being removed. The excision size and shape is designed to meet the cosmetic requirements of the area; the tissues are then carefully re-approximated with sutures in the most aesthetic manner possible.


Surgical reconstruction is performed after trauma (lacerations) or after removal of large areas ofskin. Various plastic surgery techniques are used to achieve the most cosmetic repair of the area possible. May involve moving local tissues into the area or using skin grafts

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